Highly concentrated glazing agent, made with pigments of high luminosity and very high resistance to light.

Its formulation is oil free. Intended for indoor and outdoor usage.



It can be applied by spray, brush, on sanded surfaces or directly on the wood.


Once the glazing agent has been applied to the sanded primer, it must be wiped off within 5 – 30 minutes.


If the application is made directly on untreated wood (normally it requires dilution, in a considerable proportion), the mopping must be done immediately. Staining on wood produces a rustic effect, both on deep-pored woods (Oak, Chestnut, Ash…) and on conifers (Pine, Spruce…)


After mopping and once dry (1-3 hours, depending on the accumulated amount and ambient temperature), the finish is applied.


Should you need to remove the glaze once it is dry, it should be done with scotch, steel wool or fine sandpaper.